SHAM - Great Was Second Best
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Sham racing
What his contemporaries were saying about Sham:
"He is everything a horseman would want. His stride is... as forceful when it meets the ground as a high-powered riveter."
-Barry H. Irwin, Thoroughbred of California
"My great horse."
-Bull Hancock, Sham's breeder and first owner
"We don't want any part of Sham."
-Kent Cochran quoting a rival horseman, Daily Racing Form
"It was something about Sham that when he came out that, okay, this is his day, it's his track, and you knew it. The head was up high, the ears were straight, and it made a great photo. The horse was beautiful to photograph."
-Bill Mochon, photographer
"Racing needs a superstar, and now it may have two."
-Arnold Kirkpatrick on Sham and Secretariat, The Thoroughbred Record
It's funny, the only day Secretariat didn't want to run was the day he met Sham."
-Frank "Pancho" Martin, Sham's trainer
"I think the winner is going to be an equally beautiful colt named Sham."
-Whitney Tower, on his choice between Sham and Secretariat in the Kentucky Derby, Sports Illustrated
"No matter what he did or the magnitude of his accomplishments, he was competing against one of the most popular and successful Thoroughbreds of all time: Secretariat."
-Joe Hirsch, Daily Racing Form
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